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We rely on the kind support and generosity of our community to keep us working for the benefit of our elderly. Your kind donation will help us to get them out of loneliness and isolation by providing them with friendship and leisure. To make an online donation please click here. (Your card details are fully protected by our guaranteed encryption system)


We are appealing to business and organizations to support us by donating their products/services. You can also help us fundraising money by allowing us to cater our freshly made sandwiches to your employees for a donation once per year. We will gladly add your business name to our sponsors’ wall together with a heartfelt thanks note. Please e-mail us, fill in the contact form or just give us a call.


“No one should endure loneliness, let alone older people”

Isolation and loneliness are the worst prospects human beings could face at any stage of their lives. Unfortunately, as we get older, the prospect of becoming isolated and lonely increases. According to The Future of Loneliness report, commissioned to the Future Foundation by the charity Friends of the Elderly; loneliness is a critical issue among the elderly. And there is “Over one million older people in the United Kingdom often lonely.”

By leaving us a gift in your will you could help us to fight loneliness among our older people as well as helping us to prevent loneliness tarnishing the lives of elderly people with depression which is known to lower the autoimmune defenses in the human body, potentially exposing sufferers to depression-related ailments. If you are interested in supporting our work through a gift in your will, or if you would like more information please feel free to contact us.


Oldalone UK is a young organization whose purpose is to work for the benefit of the elderly population. Our aim is to reduce the number of older people affected by loneliness and to make sure they can lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. Oldalone UK is working tirelessly to achieve its purpose under the banner of its values: “Integrity, Kindness and Empathy” in the hope to achieve ever growing age-friendly communities.

We need your help in order to reach out to kind-hearted people like you and work together for the benefit of our elderly, the often forgotten members of our society. Please help us to be known, like us on our Facebook page, follow us on twitter and visit our social networks for the latest news on Oldalone UK.*

* The list of Oldalone UK activities and ways to help is not exhaustive, we know there must be many other ways you can help us to fight loneliness affecting our dear older. Therefore, we will greatly appreciate any ideas, comments and suggestions from kind-hearted people like you. Please feel free to contact us through e-mailcontact form or over the phone.

On behalf of Oldalone UK we want to give you a big welcome to our website and a big thanks for looking through our pages.

Izabela Branisteanu
The Chair