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Oldalone UK needs your help to start drawing smiles on the faces of our older. You can operate a big difference in the lives of our lovely older citizens if you are willing to:


We believe that by befriending the elderly and providing them with companionship, together with the opportunity to take part in leisure activities, we will be able to dramatically improve the quality of their lives. We can make this happens by:

Visiting the elderly at care homes every fortnight, and talking to them over the phone at least once a week. We are also implementing a pen pal initiative that will enable us to maintain regular correspondence with care home residents.

Organising recreational and leisure activities, from dance and dinner days/nights, to attending comedy shows, ruffle/quiz for fun, birthday parties for residents and many more activities.

We are piloting an ICT project that includes consultation sessions with elderly care home residents, their relatives, and care home managers to implement an internet platform to connect residents with a broad circle of family and friends, who due to personal circumstances may not be able to travel to visit their loved ones.

The purpose of these activities is to prevent our seniors from becoming isolated and feeling lonely.

If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers please download your volunteer application form here


Help us raise money by organising events at your local community, please contact us for more information on fundraising ideas and how to get started.


Why not buying nice, quality stuff from our eBay shop at bargain prices? Please visit us and help us to help.


Your initiatives and ideas are so important to us, if you have what it takes to start an appeal which can help us to improve our older citizens’ lives, please contact us and we will support you all the way to make it happen. Your name and your picture together with your initiative will appear on our “Age-Friendly Starts” wall.


Help us by coordinating a campaign that could make a big difference on our older citizens’ lives. Become the mastermind of great social changes and dare to achieve a milestone by voicing important issues affecting our elderly population. We believe that by promoting age-friendly communities we may positively influence people’s perception about the elderly.


As a young organisation and in order to be known, Oldalone UK needs your invaluable help. Please help us spread our organisation name through all available social networks. Please like us on Facebook and on Instagram.


The list of Oldalone UK activities is not exhaustive, we know there must be many ways you can help us to fight loneliness affecting our dear older. Therefore, we will greatly appreciate any ideas, comments and suggestions from kind-hearted people like you. Please feel free to contact us by e-mailcontact form or just give us a call. We will be glad to hear from you.

On behalf of Oldalone UK we want to give you a big welcome to our website and many thanks for looking through our pages.

Izabela Branisteanu
The Chair